Engae Endru Povathu

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  1. Can’t appreciate your efforts enough. Was searching through for this, since as a non native, can’t always understand the entire meaning of songs I really feel are amazingly penned. However, one small correction I have is for the last line, where ‘Kaattrum kuda kaasai ketkum kaalam vandhaal enna naamum seyya koodum’ actually translates to ‘If (and when) the time comes where air itself would be charged for, which prayers should we do?’ Also, in verse 1 – english translation the first line is missing.

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    1. Hi Vishnu.
      Thanks for your comment and your suggestion.
      I mainly focus on french translation as I’m a native french speaker.
      I get the english translation from other blogs or on internet, please refer to sources link at the end of each articles. I do modify some english translations if I feel my translation suits better in my opinion. For this one, the english translation came from the subtitle provided with the youtube video.
      I will consider your suggestion and update the article.
      Sorry for the mistake, will be more careful in the future.



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